Get to know the Emerald Coast of Yucatán

The Emerald Coast of Yucatan is considered a paradise for tourism, thanks to the harmony that exists between the ecosystems and its attractions that invite you to spend long periods of time.

The Yucatan coast is one of the main attractions that can be enjoyed all year round, especially with the Yucatan's climate which is warm most of the time.

It is not necessary to leave Yucatán to do activities such as swimming in the cenotes, visit incredible museums, get lost in its beautiful haciendas or visit the route of the convents. In this place you can find it all.

But, the main reason why many people move to Yucatan is undoubtedly its paradisiacal beaches, so in this article we will tell you everything you need to know about the Costa Esmeralda and what you can do in this Yucatecan paradise.

What is the Emerald Coast of Yucatan?

It is a group of beaches and ports distributed along 98 kilometers of coastline facing the Gulf of Mexico. It receives its name from the emerald green color that characterizes the water of its beaches.

Undoubtedly this is where you can enjoy the view of the best beaches in Yucatan,because in addition to its beauty and clear sand, you can perform a myriad of activities, from riding the banana and boat tours, to snorkeling and sunbathing while tasting the best dishes of Yucatecan cuisine..

Where is the Emerald Coast located?

It is located on the northern coastal strip of Yucatan and stretches from the port of Chuburna to Dzilam Bravo. It is often confused with the Emerald Coast of Veracruz, so specify the state when searching for information.

The tour along this coast has an approximate duration of one hour and 45 minutes, however, we recommend that you enjoy each of the ports and beaches that make up the coast, which could take two days.

What to see in the Emerald Coast?

Among the many attractions that you can enjoy at each point of this tour of emerald beaches, we list the most important ones that should not be missing in your itinerary:

  • Tour Progreso's Malecon and visit the new Meteorite Museum.
  • See the pink flamingos at Uaymitún.
  • Visit the mangroves in San Crisanto.
  • Take some amazing pictures at the pink lagoons in Dzilam Bravo.
  • Visit the archaeological site of Xcambó in Telchac.
  • Swim in the crystal clear waters of Chicxulub.
  • Enjoy the day at the Chuburna beach.

Beaches that make up Yucatan's Emerald Coast

The beaches of the Costa Esmeralda with its characteristic color fall in love with everyone who visits them. It is undoubtedly a gift that nature has provided for the inhabitants of the region.

We will tell you a little about each of them:

1. Chuburná

It is a small fishing village, so you can find fresh and top quality products, without forgetting that its emerald waters invite you to spend the day swimming in the sea or having a refreshing drink on the beach feeling the sea breeze.

As in most of the beautiful beaches of the state, you can enjoy various water sports such as boat rides or scuba diving.

Playa de Chuburná en la Costa Esmeralda de Yucatán

2. Progreso

The Port of Progreso is the most important in the state, since it is the Port of Height where the main commercial activities of import and export are carried out, besides receiving a large number of cruise ships from various countries of the world.

This port is the closest to the Yucatecan capital, as well as being very close to the archaeological site of Dzibilchaltún.

Here you can visit its famous boardwalk with numerous tourist attractions, and taste the best variety of fish and seafood in one of the restaurants by the sea.

Playa de Puerto Progreso Yucatán

3. Chicxulub

It is one of the most visited tourist areas by Yucatecans during weekends and vacation breaks, since a fair is set up where the little ones can spend a pleasant time on the rides and enjoy a "marquesita".

The sunset is very beautiful from this beach, and the cool water of the sea is always a nice option to take the heat off.

Playa de Chicxulub en la Costa Esmeralda de Yucatán

4. Uaymitún

It is considered a virgin beach ideal for rest and relaxation, besides being one of the best places to see pink flamingos, as it has a viewpoint where you have a better view of the swamp.

We recommend that you bring your own food and beverages, as there are no stores or restaurants.

Playa de Uaymitún Yucatán

5. Telchac Puerto

It is another of the ports where hundreds of Yucatecans gather to enjoy the beaches during vacation periods, as houses can be rented for a weekend or several weeks.

Don't forget to visit the Museum of the Sea and the archaeological site of Xcambó, just 15 minutes away, as it is one of the most important archaeological sites in the state.

Playa de Telchac en la costa esmeralda en Yucatán

6. San Crisanto

The main attraction of this beach, in addition to its emerald sea, is to visit its beautiful mangroves that harbor a great variety of flora and fauna, and to visit its fresh water lagoon where you can swim and spend an excellent day.

Without a doubt, the boat ride through the mangrove swamp of San Crisanto is one of the experiences you can't miss.

Manglar en playa de San Crisanto Yucatán

7. Santa Clara

On your way to this beach you may be able to see some flamingos, seagulls and other birds of the region. The water is clean and clear, but if you want to eat during the week we recommend you to bring your own food or visit some other point of the coast, because the restaurants are only open on weekends.

Playa de Santa Clara en la costa esmeralda

8. Dzilam de Bravo

It is one of the historic ports of the Yucatan Peninsula, which is also part of the ring of cenotes caused by the Chicxulub meteorite.

It is a tourist spot that gathers many attractions such as seven archaeological sites,cenotes, springs, beautiful beaches, water eyes and it is also a state reserve.

Also, don't forget that this town is very close to Las Coloradas, Yucatan with its beautiful pink lagoons.

Playa de Dzilam de Bravo en Yucatán

Living near the Costa esmeralda, a dream come true

Who doesn't dream of living close to the beach? This is possible in the Emerald Coast of Yucatan, especially in areas like Conkal, a place you will love for being just minutes away from the beach and Merida, the state capital.

At INMOVE we are committed to the development of projects with a human focus, in the areas with the highest added value and best location in Yucatan.

Ponte en Contact us so that one of our professional advisors can provide you with information about the residential lots we have available in Conkal, Yucatan,just minutes away from the most beautiful beaches in the state.

There are many tourist attractions in Yucatan that will make the experience of living in this state incredible. Visit our real estate blog for more things to do in Yucatan..




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